Unitychurch and Monaichurch

Twinned in God's service in Orpington, UK and Bethlehem, South Africa and beyond

Here are some pictures and a video  of the Monai children giving a dance show.

Unity Church and Monai Church have the same objective - to share God’s love with the communities around them. We at Unity are delighted to be partners with our brothers and sisters in Bethlehem, South Africa.

Monai Church used to meet in a tent, but was given a dilapidated old building, which was restored with much labour to give a permanent place to meet and worship. This video shows the church after restoration and gives some background information.

Bethlehem is a place with many needs, and Unity Church has helped provide badly needed food and shoes to help the local people.

Please pray for Bethlehem and the work of Monai Church.

Jeremy, Laura and family

The Monai football team in their new boots, collected by Unity church, mainly from The Priory leisure centre.